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INFS3600 -
Business Information Systems in Practice

General Details

Unit Coordinator: Raffaele Ciriello

INFS3600 is the capstone core unit that serves to reinforce the skills and knowledge that BIS students have acquired, whilst including some new content that will enhance the practical project that you will undertake as part of the unit. The unit is almost entirely on the application of theory into a real-world consultancy BIS-related project. In the past, this may include a data governance-related or a knowledge management project, however, the theme changes every semester. As with all real projects, they are relatively open-ended in nature with many uncertainties. You will be expected to conduct lots of research to justify your project solution.


1. Students commencing from 2018: completion of at least 120 credit points including (INFS1000 or INFO1000 or INFO1003 or INFO1903) and INFS1020

2. Pre-2018 continuing students: completion of at least 120 credit points including (INFS1000 or INFO1000 or INFO1003 or INFO1903) and INFS2001 and INFS2020

Assumed Knowledge: None

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply and relate information systems theories and concepts in the context of an actual business organisation

  • Analyse open-ended business scenarios and evaluate the implications of information systems decisions

  • Apply techniques for organisational and business process analyses to resolve an actual business problem

  • Communicate in a professional and confident manner, both orally and in writing, with actual business professionals

  • Apply team management concepts and theories to effectively work in, and manage, cross-functional teams

  • Analyse and reflect critically on the ethical and social implications of information systems.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling:

1. The unit is primarily a project-based unit, consisting of 60% of the marks. Each group should ensure that the roles are allocated to the student’s strengths. For example, students who have taken INFS2020 may be more suitable for a business analyst role; those who have taken INFS2040 may be more suitable for a project manager role.

2. There is a presentation component, which is a pitch to the company sponsoring and providing the project brief. Students should brush up on their presentation skills and ensure that they are well-rehearsed.

Textbook: None

Assesment Breakdown

Individual Assignment (30%)
The individual assignment serves as a progressive section of your group report. This report should be contributed by all students in your group, however, it will only count towards the person who is responsible for the submission.

Group Project (30%)
The group assignment consists
of a group report and a presentation component. The group report should be polished and coherent consisted of the individual progressive reports compiled together.

Reflective Journal (40%)
Reflective journal will be replaced the final exam of this unit. This will be individual, continuous, reflective learning journal, stimulated by prompts.

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