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Current Events

Corporate Networking Night

Are you feeling lost in your career progression or unsure about your options? 🌨️ Struggling to connect with professionals for advice? 🧑‍🎓 Or lacking confidence in your CV and applications?  

Fear not! 

Join us at BISA’s networking night, where industry professionals from your dream companies will share invaluable insights. Come along to explore career pathways and gather insider tips from Australia's top firms. ✨

INSTA - Corporate Networking Night-2.png

Tableau Workshop

BISA is bringing you guys 🫵 a beginner-friendly intro to Tableau and data visualisation! This workshop will be run by the Data School Down Under, so you already KNOW this is gonna be 🔥. This session WILL INCLUDE: 🟣 Intro to Tableau 🟣 Applications of Tableau in the REAL world/career

🟣 AND, hands-on data visualisation with a real-world data set

Want to find out more? Then pull up and become a Tableau Pro 🥇

Tableau Workshop.png

Women in Tech Evening

Looking to break into the tech industry and elevate your professional journey? 💻✨

Join us for an empowering Women in Tech Evening, in collaboration with The Network of Women and USYD COMM-STEM! 🤩🌟🔧 Get ready for an absolutely illuminating panel discussion featuring insights from leading tech companies, followed by amazing networking opportunities with industry experts 😱


Past Events

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