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INFS3080 -
Business Information Systems Projects 

General Details

Unit Coordinator: Abe Bake

INFS3080 extends on the learnings of concepts learnt from INFS2040 about project management into a more applied form with UI/UX design.

"The main difference is the emphasis in defining the scope of a project, where the process of gathering requirements, understanding who your customers are, identifying issues to prototyping a solution is explored in fine-grain details.

This unit will teach you how integral the aforementioned aspects are when planning a project that is impactful in terms of achieving its goals."

Assumed Knowledge: INFS1000 and INFS2040

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply and relate information systems theories and concepts in the context of an actual business organisation

  • Analyse open-ended business scenarios and evaluate the implications of information systems decisions

  • Apply techniques for organisational and business process analysis to resolve an actual business problem

  • Communicate in a professional and confident manner, both orally and in writing, with actual business professionals

  • Apply team management concepts and theories to effectively work in, and manage, cross-functional teams

  • Analyse and reflect critically on the ethical and social implications of information systems.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling:

The course is fun and different to other INFS unit in terms of applications and understanding of UI/UX. It is beneficial to form groups early as learnings from class activities are applicable to requirements in the group project, particularly in the first 5 weeks of the course. Students wishing to understand more on how technology can change a customer’s perception and interaction with brand should consider taking this unit.

Textbook: None

Assesment Breakdown

Individual Assignment (20%)
This involves a series of small tasks which require you to apply learnings from lectures on ideating, requirement gathering, storyboarding and designing customer profiles and journeys.

Group Project (40%)
Applying your learnings from the individual tasks, the assignment surrounds generating a digital prototype demonstration to a real-world case. You will be required to use Adobe Xd to create a high-fidelity prototype and present this at the end of the project.

Final Exam (40%)
This involves four short response questions on the applications of the different frameworks learnt throughout the unit.

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