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INFS2010 -
People, Information and Knowledge

General Details

Unit Coordinator: Steve Elliot

INFS2010 is an elective unit that can be studied within the BIS major in order to derive a greater understanding of how organisations create, manage and apply knowledge. Through exploring the role of technologies, culture and organisational practices, students learn how knowledge management can be crucial for achieving firm success.

Assumed Knowledge: INFS1000

Difficulty: Intermediate

This unit is quite content-heavy, with substantial content being taught across both tutorials and lectures. As such, it pays to attend every lecture and tutorial to make sure you have all the knowledge required for each assignment.

Students will be expected to conduct substantial external research for both individual and group assignments. Consults can be a great tool here to clarify any work.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling:

There are a fair number of external readings which complements tutorial and lecture content. It is highly beneficial to study said readings to develop a comprehensive understanding of the area of work. Overall, this is a more theoretical unit when compared to other INFS units that seek to develop managerial-level skills.

Subject Difficulty

Assesment Breakdown

Individual assignment (15%)
The first assignment involves a written report analysing an external company. Students should attempt to apply content learnt in class towards this assignment.

Group project (40%)
The group assignment consists of two parts; the report and the recorded presentation. Teams will benefit from beginning research for the report early, utilising lecturer consults and planning out assignment contents. Team members will benefit from linking presentation and report outcomes together.

Final exam (45%)
The exam involves a series of short answer and essay questions. Assessable topics include course and assignment related content. Time should be devoted to committing such content to memory.

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