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INFS1020 -
Digital Work Environments 

General Details

Unit Coordinator: Linda Zhang

In this first year unit for the BIS major, students learn what it is like to enter the digital workplace and develop useful skills in data literacy, how to personally brand for job recruitment, and how to communicate in digital channels.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how digital technology changes work environments and how work is organised

  • Demonstrate critical discernment of popular claims about the future of work and the role of technology in this transformation process

  • Communicate ideas effectively using digital online technology and audiovisual elements

  • Make judgements about the effective use of digital technologies for purposes of self-presentation online

  • Appreciate the complexities of working with others effectively in a digital work environment.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling:

Students should choose a group that actively participates in class activities as many tutorials involve team-based learning with the group chosen for the assignment.

"Since this is a core subject, students majoring in BIS must pass this course to fulfil the requirements of the major. INFS1020 is a double pass so, regardless of other assessments, a mark of at least 50% must be scored in the final exam."

The individual assignment is also peer marked and this influences the mark attained.

Assesment Breakdown

Individual Assignment (20%)

This involves creating a 3-minute video that answers a series of questions. Students should demonstrate self-reflection, critical analysis, creativity and appropriate video techniques (i.e. positioning, lighting, audio and camera quality, etc) to attain a high mark.

Group Project (30%)

This project includes conducting research and providing a digital solution for the client’s issue in the given scenario. This is to be delivered in a 10-minute presentation. After the presentation, the markers can ask impromptu questions so it is important that all team members are familiar with each other’s parts.

Final Exam (50%)

This will be 2-hour in-person exam. It will assess your knowledge and abilities gained in all parts of the unit.

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