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INFS3040 - Enterprise Systems and Integrated Business

General Details

Unit Coordinator: Petri Hallikainen

INFS3040 will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the way in which implementation and use of large scale integrated Enterprise Systems change the nature of organisational capabilities, processes, and roles. Students will gain an understanding of the strategic role of Enterprise Systems in providing a platform for improved business operations and designing information infrastructures. Also, students will gain considerable hands-on experience with an enterprise-wide system, such as SAP, concentrating on the way in which such systems support integrated business processes. Through a combination of discussion and practical work, students will gain a strong knowledge in both the organisational and technical aspects of Enterprise Systems.

Assumed Knowledge: INFS1000 or equivalent

Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the integrated nature of Enterprise Systems and their strategic role in providing a platform for improved business operations

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the role of Enterprise Systems in information infrastructures and evaluate the organisational effects of increasing integration and standardisation

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the issues associated with implementing and supporting Enterprise Systems.

  • Demonstrate your understanding of the change undergone in organisations during the implementation and use of Enterprise Systems

  • Dmonstrate your theoretical understanding of the organisational structures, master data and processes within SAP

  • Demonstrate your hands-on experience in executing transactions and analysing information using SAP

  • Work both independently and as a responsible member of a diverse team, collaborate and communicate in a professional manner with people from diverse backgrounds.

Things to Consider Before Enrolling:

1. The unit focuses on how to use a specific information system called SAP for first few weeks. It will be practical and useful for students by experiencing and managing the system used in the real world. Simultaneously, it might be difficult and complex concepts.

Textbook: None

Assesment Breakdown

Individual Assignment (25%)

Based upon a business case and your own independent research, you are required to complete hands-on exercises in SAP; explore integration needs; analyse the organisational change issues surrounding the implementations of an Enterprise System.

Group Project (25%)
Based upon a business case and the group's independent research, students are required to analyse an information infrastructure and identify requirements for an Enterprise Systems solution.

Final Exam (50%) 

This is a closed book exam. Students will need to demonstrate their understanding of all material covered in the unit of study.

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